Ft Lauderdale Defense protects your privacy and takes care of it very seriously. We make it easy for you to find, understand and read our commitment and privacy policy. We gladly accept any questions, concerns and comments about our commitment to your privacy and we encourage you to contact us here. Each visitor to the Web site or person who contacts us by email, submission form, phone call or any other means of communication may be. We are completely sure that we take additional steps to protect your personal information and keep it safe. We are fully committed to protecting you and protecting your privacy.

This Privacy Policy describes how we acquire information about our Users and Customers when they visit our Sites and how we use it. All visits to our Sites are subject to this Privacy Policy.

  • We store and protect your personal information and privacy.
  • We do not sell your personal information to anyone.
  • Our privacy policy is fully displayed, easy to read and find for you.

You are in complete control of how we use your information for marketing and provide you with better services.
Online submission forms are sent to us via secure email and read only by licensed lawyers for the purpose of providing you with a requested response. However, using the online submission form or this Site does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Any direct conversation you have with any of our attorneys is protected by the Attorney-Client privilege. This protection is only granted legally if you are speaking with a licensed lawyer.

What Information We Collect

We collect two types of information related to you: (a) If you submit an online submission form to us, we collect personally identifiable information (“Personally Identifiable Information”). Personally Identifiable Information is limited to the information you choose to include in the online submission form and submitted to our attorneys. (B) Non-personally identifiable information (“No Personally Identifiable Information”), such as the type of browser used (eg Internet Explorer), web pages that interested and visited, etc. Non-Personally Identifiable Information is collected to help us improve our site and to improve your experience on our site by providing you with a faster, safer and improved visitor experience.

(A) Personally Identifiable Information: Personally Identifiable Information includes any information you choose to provide us with, such as your name and phone number. We collect your Personally Identifiable Information, which is the information you include in the online submission form when you type in any of the submission forms on our Site and send the information by pressing the button or when you choose to include your information in an interactive feature of our site such as a review, survey or promotion.

(b) Non-Personally Identifiable Information: Non-Personally Identifiable Information is any information that does not identify you as a person including Personally Identifiable Information which has been rendered anonymous. We obtain non-Personally Identifiable Information either separately or together with your Personally Identifiable Information as described above. We collect certain non-Personally Identifiable Information from you when you access our Sites including IP addresses and information relating to your browser, operating system, ISP, the third party website from which your visit originated and how you use our Sites such as the web pages you visit , and the duration of your visits.

How we use the information we collect

Personally Identifiable Information and not Personally Identifiable Information is used to provide or improve our sites and services to you and to carry out your requests, answer your questions, serve you better and understand your needs, or otherwise used naturally associated with the circumstances in which you provided the information.

Our third-party service providers and partners performing functions on our behalf in connection with the operation of this Site (for example, hosting and managing data) are TRUSTe Privacy Sealed and are fully compatible with U.S.-E.U. Safe Harbor and the Safe Harbor framework of the United States and Switzerland.

In addition, we use non-Personally Identifiable Information to help analyze site traffic, understand customer needs and trends, and carry out specific promotional activities (see “Preferred Advertising” below).

Cookies and advertising based on preferences

(A) Cookies and Web Beacons: We and the third parties that we authorize automatically receive and store certain types of non-Personally Identifiable Information when you interact with us using “cookies” and similar technology. “Cookies” are small files that are placed on your computer or your Internet browser memory to allow the cookie owner to recognize your browser and provide you with convenience and other features. For example, our cookies may allow us to show you the services or past interests you have searched on our Sites. It is important to note that the cookies we use or allow others to use, do not contain any Personally Identifiable Information and are not linked to any Personally Identifiable Information about you.

You may be able to direct your Internet browser to not allow cookies and you can usually remove existing cookies from your computer at any time. Keep in mind, however, that some elements of our sites will not work properly or will be available to you.

(B) Preferred Advertising: We also work with and allow third parties, including ad networks and website analytics companies, to place cookies on your computer / browser when you visit our Sites. These third-party cookies are used to collect non-Personally Identifiable Information about your activities on our Third Party Sites and sites to serve you while you are on third party sites (“Third Party Advertisements”). If you do not wish to participate in this activity, remove or disable third-party cookies to exclude yourself. To disable third-party ads, follow the instructions to remove or disable third-party cookies found here.

Some important notes: (1) By opting to remove or disable cookies for third-party ads that will include all of the advertising networks that Ft Lauderdale Defense works with, but also many with which Ft Lauderdale Defense does not work; (2) failure to participate in Our Ads is not automatically an opt-out option for all third-party ads. The same goes the other way around. To disable our third-party ads and ads, you must disable all cookies in all browsers you choose to use or simply not visit sites with third-party ads. Please note that some sites may not use cookies to display third-party advertising; (3) Our third-party ads and advertisements are based on cookies to ensure that Personally Identifiable Information is not used for online advertising purposes. (4) If you buy a new computer, use a different computer, update or change your web browser or remove these cookies from your computer, you will need to perform relevant opt-out tasks such as disabling or removing cookies; And (5) the features of your Internet browser and / or certain complimentary software may allow you to block or limit the use of cookies for advertising based on preferences and other purposes.

If you remove or disable cookies, we can not promise that our sites, partners or other sites will work well or will be compatible with these alternative methods of blocking or limiting the use of cookies. Many sites use information collected from cookies to improve their services and websites in order to create new web pages, make new or requested new features of the site, or improve existing web pages. The goal of each website is for you to come back and visit and hopefully become a loyal visitor or customer. One of the ways in which websites achieve this is by continuously improving their websites in order to serve you better and provide you with better services.

Your Options and Opt-Outs

(A) What options do I have (Opt-Out)? You have many choices regarding how we use the information about you, including: (1) not to communicate with us by email, you can simply respond to the email with “No Responses” in the subject line or click here. Please be aware that we do not send unsolicited emails. If you are not a current or past customer, any email you receive from us will be only a response to your direct request, inquiry via email or online submission form. (2) For instructions on how to disable preference-based ads, by permanently removing or disabling third-party cookies, click here. (4) You can also permanently disable preference-based ads on Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google.

(B) You can contact us with questions: If you have any questions or concerns about privacy at Ft Lauderdale Defense, please contact us.


Since neither our Sites nor our Services are intended for use by children under the age of 13, children under the age of 13 can not send any Personally Identifiable Information to us. In addition, if you are under 18, you must use Ft Lauderdale Defense and send information only with the participation of a parent or guardian.


This Privacy Policy may change from time to time to reflect our changing business practices. We will provide you with notice of such changes by posting the new policy on our sites or by email if the changes are important.

Single declaration

This Privacy Policy and our Disclaimer, both as posted on our Websites and through our Services, contain all material terms relating to the use of our Websites and Services. No summary, modification, update or other version thereof, or other privacy or policy statement, in any form, is valid unless we post it on our websites and services.