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Drug Charges Defense

Drug dealer taking money

Unique geography makes it an especially attractive location for the transportation of illegal drugs. Perhaps because of this, Florida has some of the most stringent drug laws in the United States, especially when dealing with those individuals operating grow houses, trafficking in narcotics or selling drugs within 1,000 feet of a school or church.

And, it doesn’t look like things will be changing any time soon. Florida Governor Charlie Crist is opposing alternatives to incarceration for non-violent drug crimes, particularly simple possession. In light of this, it becomes very clear that if charged with possession, the need for aggressive, effective legal defense is of the utmost importance. The experienced South Florida drug trafficking attorneys at Attorneys, have years of experience in successfully defending such cases in Broward County.

Arrest Statistics

Florida reported 159,916 drug-related arrests in 2008. In drug arrests by county the same year, Broward County placed second in the number of drug arrests, with 16,750, second only to Miami-Dade County, with 27,547. In terms of percentage, Broward County had almost 10.5% of all drug arrests for the entire state.

Drug Crimes Defined

Drug crimes are broken down in to several categories, and penalties vary, depending on the amount and type of substance:

    • Possession: Having drugs on your person or your property, in an amount suggesting personal use.
    • Possession with intent to distribute: Having drugs on your person or property, in an amount and/or packaged in a manner that indicates intent to sell or distribute.

Drug dealer taking money

  • Conspiracy: Verbal or written agreement to transfer drugs. A simple one-time drug sale can be considered conspiracy.
  • Trafficking: Distribution of an amount exceeding the maximum for possession with intent to distribute.
  • Prescription drug fraud: The illegal acquisition, possession or distribution of prescription drugs for personal use or profit.

Drug Charges Defense

If you have been charged with any drug law violation, or believe you will be, it’s important to get competent, experienced legal representation. The experienced South Florida drug trafficking attorneys, have extensive experience in representing and defending drug arrest clients. As former prosecutors, we understand the intricacies of drug arrest cases from both sides. Their unique experience will provide the accused with the strongest legal representation possible.