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Domestic Battery Charges Defense

Domestic Battery Charges Defense

A domestic battery charge can create a great deal of turmoil in your life and the lives of your family and friends. The time, effort and heartbreak of fighting such a charge can devastate an entire family, not to mention the cost to your job, your home and your reputation. In many cases, an accusation is all that is needed for an arrest to be made. Once you are taken to jail, Florida law requires that you cannot be released until you are brought before a judge, which means spending at least one night in jail; possibly more.

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Domestic Violence vs. Domestic Battery

Domestic violence is a broad, general category, and in Florida is defined as any assault or battery, sexual assault or sexual battery, stalking, kidnapping or other criminal offense that results in the injury or death of a person living in the same residence as the accused.
Domestic battery is more specific, and is defined by the state of Florida as the actual and intentional striking or touching against the will of a household member that results in that person’s injury or death by a person living in the same household.

Domestic Battery Charges Defense

Domestic Violence Attorneys

Cases of domestic violence and domestic battery are complicated and difficult for the accused, whom usually has to stay away from his or her home and family if the alleged victim resides in the same place. Often, this no contact order may remain in place until the case is resolved. In many cases, if the alleged victim works in the same place as the accused, he or she may not go to work. This can have a devastating effect on the accused, professionally and financially. Domestic violence and domestic battery cases have both a criminal and civil aspect, with the accuser able to file a civil suit after the criminal case is resolved. To reduce the chances of that happening, winning the criminal case is paramount. The accuser has less ammunition to use when the criminal case is dismissed or if you are acquitted of the charges.