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Sex Crime Charges

Sex Crime Charges

Sex crime laws in Florida are extremely broad, and carry a wide array of penalties upon conviction. Florida has some of the harshest penalties for sex offenders and predators in the country. Ignorance of the law or of the accuser’s age is not a legal defense. The experienced attorneys at Attorneys, can help those accused of sex crimes by gathering evidence and evaluating testimony with a critical eye in order to build a strong defense.

Sex Crime Charges

A number of charges fall within the definition of sex crimes in Florida, including, but not limited to: rape, child molestation, sexual battery, possession of child pornography, lewd conduct and failure to register as a sex offender.

  • A forcible rape was committed every 88 minutes.
  • A forcible sex offense of any type occurred every 49 minutes

Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

In many cases, accusations of sex crimes are not true or based on any real event. Spurned partners or spouses often make the claim in an attempt to exact revenge. However, the mere allegation of a sex crime has the potential to do as much damage to one’s life in terms of reputation, employment and family relations as an actual conviction. The repercussions of a conviction can last a lifetime. Many sex crime convictions result in forced registration as a sexual offender or sexual predator. Failure to register as ordered can result in significant prison time.

Sex Crime Charges

If you have been charged with a sex crime, or are being questioned in connection with a sex crime, having experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel is critical. The lawyers at Attorneys, have the expertise and resources to defend you in these serious cases.

The terms ‘sex offender’ and ‘sex predator’ sometimes are used interchangeably by the general public. But, according to the Florida courts, they are very different. A sex offender is not necessarily a sex predator. Being labeled as a sex predator is the more severe of the two. There are many qualifiers for either status, but generally, a sex predator is a person previously convicted of a sex crime, and is therefore deemed by the court to warrant such designation.

Homicides Arrests

Homicides Arrests

Homicide often isn’t just a single offense; it sometimes is an unintended act during the commission of another, usually violent crime, such as robbery, burglary or sexual battery. Many times, more than one person involved with the other crime will be charged with homicide – even if he or she did not commit the act. There is an assumption of guilt by association, and in some cases, those charged may, in fact, be innocent. Attorneys. has experienced homicide attorneys with a proven track record in South Florida, and are equipped with the expertise and resources to fully and fairly defend your case.

Being falsely accused and subsequently convicted of homicide is more common than some people realize. Since 1973, 26 states overturned previous homicide convictions on 133 people due to proof of innocence. They were released from death row as a result. A 2005 report by the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology found that more than 350 people were wrongfully convicted of a variety of crimes between 1989 and 2003, and have since been exonerated. Attorneys, believes that even one wrongful conviction is too many.

The Intricacies of Homicide Charges

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyers

Homicide is a general term, with several degrees of severity. There are three basic degrees of criminal homicide: first-degree murder, second-degree murder and manslaughter. If you have been charged with homicide, or are being questioned in connection with a homicide, immediately contact the Attorneys, to better understand your rights before it’s too late. Their experienced attorneys know the ins and outs of both sides of homicide cases, having worked as prosecutors. They have the unique perspective needed to search for errors in homicide arrests, inconsistencies in testimony, discrepancies in evidence and will use that information to defend your case and fight for a reduced charge or even dismissal of the homicide charge.

Homicides Arrests

Homicide Statistics in a County

  • In 2008, there were 1,168 homicides committed in Florida, resulting in 882 arrests.
  • That same year, Broward County had the third highest number of homicide arrests (74), behind Miami-Dade (134) and Orange (108) counties.
  • In 2007, there were 104 homicides in Broward County; 85 were reported in 2008, resulting in a 19% reduction in homicides.

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the Law in Texas call our Manslaughter Attorneys in Fort Worth now

Tax Evasion defense

Tax Evasion defense

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service investigates cases of potential tax evasion. Tax evasion is a crime in which a person or business purposefully avoids owing or paying taxes, usually by filing a fraudulent tax return. Federal tax evasion is a felony and carries extremely severe penalties in the event of a conviction. These can include:

Fines of up to $100,000 for individuals ($500,000 for corporations)
Imprisonment of up to five years
Payment of prosecution costs

Sentences in these types of cases have increased by an average of five months since 2008.

With such severe penalties, it is critical to obtain the services of tax evasion lawyers to protect your rights. In Broward County, including the cities of Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Pompano, tax evasion attorneys are specially trained to deal with the IRS and to protect your legal rights. A tax evasion specialist may help protect you from the very serious consequences that can result from a conviction of tax evasion.

Tax evasion versus failure to file

The Internal Revenue Service reports that about three percent of taxpayers do not file tax returns of any kind. Whether a person owes taxes or not, he or she must file a return. If money is owed in a year where a return is not filed, the IRS can include a fine of up to $25,000 and up to one year in jail for each return in question. Although jail sentences are handed down in some cases, it is rare. Usually, fines and penalties accrue until the taxpayer pays the entire balance.

Protect your rights during investigation

When dealing with a tax evasion matter, it is important to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. Tax evasion lawyers may be able to help you negotiate a lesser charge or avoid prosecution altogether. The ultimate result will depend on the facts of your specific case.

Tax Evasion defense

During the 2010 fiscal year, IRS General Fraud Investigations:

  • Launched 1,818 investigations
  • Recommended prosecution in 1,090 cases
  • Obtained information and indictments for 1,011 cases
  • Obtained convictions for 867 defendants who received an average sentence of 33 months

Tax Evasion defense

Due to the complex nature of a tax evasion investigation, the knowledge and experience offered by Broward County tax evasion lawyers can make a difference in the outcome of your case. The IRS will likely make many demands for detailed information, and expert Broward County tax evasion attorneys can provide a buffer between you and the IRS, protect your rights and help determine the best course of action in your case.