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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

If you’ve been arrested on criminal charges, or believe you are about to be charged, you need the immediate help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. With each passing moment, the urgency grows greater. Police officers will use every legal trick in the book in an attempt to procure a voluntary statement from a suspect. You do have the right to remain silent, and should exercise that right until you’ve spoken with your lawyer. This helps protect your constitutional rights – and your freedom.

Attorneys. has expert attorneys available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you. As former prosecutors, we know the ins and outs of the “other side,” and use this to our advantage in dissecting your case and finding any discrepancies or other legal technicalities that could help get your case dismissed. No case is too big or too small – We handle everything from marijuana possession to first degree capital murder. Regardless of the size of your case, count on us to treat you with deference and respect, and provide top-notch counsel and defense during these difficult times.

Insider Trading Offences

Insider Trading Offences

The term “insider trading” has negative connotations in the public consciousness. However, there are legal forms of insider trading, as well as the illegal type. For example, when those within a company (employees, officers, board members, etc.) buy and sell the company’s stock, they are required to report their trades to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These types of trades are legal. However, stock in the company that is bought or sold based upon information not available to the public and/or the transaction is not reported as required by the SEC, the trade becomes illegal. (1) If you have been charged with securities violations in Broward County, including the cities of Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pompano and other areas, securities violations lawyers can thoroughly investigate your insider trading case and protect your rights.

Penalties for insider trading and other securities violations are outlined in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. (3) These penalties include up to 20 years plus fines for certain charges, if convicted. Broward County insider trading attorneys will do everything possible to gather all the facts in your case and prepare a defense for trial, if necessary. Contact them today to receive the legal help you need to protect yourself from charges of securities violations.

An experienced attorney can protect you

If you or a loved one is being investigated or have been charged with insider trading or other securities violations, it is vital that you contact experienced Broward County insider trading lawyers as quickly as possible. Attorneys who are familiar with the way in which these crimes are investigated will help protect and defend your rights.

Special FBI agents investigate securities violations

The FBI has 177 special agents available to investigate insider trading and securities violations. These agents investigated 1,510 securities and commodities fraud cases in 2009. Some types of securities violations that the FBI investigates include:

  • Market manipulation
  • High yield investment fraud
  • Advance fee fraud
  • Hedge fund fraud
  • Commodities fraud
  • Foreign exchange fraud
  • Broker embezzlement
  • Late-day trading

Insider Trading Offences

Insider Trading Offences in Fort Lauderdale
Federal crimes such as these generally require an extensive period of time for law enforcement to investigate. A grand jury investigation and indictment must also take place before an individual can be charged with a crime. If you or a loved one is under investigation for securities violations, contact Broward County insider trading attorneys as quickly as possible so they can work to investigate the facts in your case and defend you against the charges.

Having legal representation as early as possible can improve your chances for a positive outcome in your case. Cases of this type are extremely complex and difficult to prove. Experienced legal representation will preserve your options for the best result possible in your specific case.

Grand Jury Proceedings

Grand Jury Proceedings

A grand jury proceeding is a type of jury gathered to determine if enough evidence is present to indict someone accused of a serious crime. Grand juries represent very serious legal matters and are usually conducted for federal crimes or felonies at the state and county level. If you or a loved one has been called to testify or has been charged with a crime determined to be serious enough for a grand jury proceeding, seek immediate legal assistance from Broward County grand jury attorneys to ensure your rights are protected.

Secret Proceedings

Grand jury proceedings are held in secrecy. The accused does not have a right to attend these proceedings, nor can a witness have his or her lawyer present during testimony. A judge and the media are banned as well. This procedure is designed to protect the witness during testimony, but also protects the accused if the case does not go to trial. This secrecy underscores the importance of obtaining skilled representation from experienced grand jury attorneys to help guide the accused or witness through the process and protect his or her rights.

Grand Jury Facts

  • Grand juries have full power to order records and call witnesses to testify
  • The prosecutor is the only attorney entitled to submit a case to a grand jury
  • The accused and his or her attorney may not be present at the proceeding
  • Witnesses can be charged with a crime based on their testimony
  • The accused may be indicted based on a majority vote of a grand jury

Grand Jury Witnesses Need Legal Representation

If you or a loved one is called as a witness in Broward County, including the cities of Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Pompano, grand jury attorneys have the knowledge to advise you about what happens behind closed doors. A skilled grand jury lawyer will help you prepare your testimony. They will also offer legal advice and help you avoid potentially serious consequences that may arise because of your testimony. Seek the experienced assistance of Broward County grand jury attorneys to help protect your rights during grand jury proceedings.

Grand Jury Proceedings

Protect Your Rights

Fort Lauderdale Grand Jury Lawyers, Broward Grand Jury Attorneys, Hollywood, Hallandale Grand Jury Lawyers

Being the subject of a grand jury investigation or testifying as a witness can have a serious impact on your future. If you are convicted of charges as a result of a grand jury investigation, the resulting criminal record can have devastating consequences. It may be more difficult to find a job, obtain a loan or further one’s education. Broward County grand jury lawyers can help you through the process of a grand jury investigation and ensure that your rights are protected.